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Want My Lollipop


An insanely addictive game designed for you to help two cute baby balls crave for their lollipops. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


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Fun with 40 tricky levels

Two cute baby balls are totally craving for their lollipops, yet they are separated from those little treats. It is your mission to step up and help these lovely ones! Use the little cannon to shoot the lollipop in corresponding color to each one of them. The game makes it fun with 40 tricky levels. Each level will include different elements, such as background or barriers. Whatever the case, the difficulty and more fun increases as you go.

Cleverly designed rating system

Want My Lollipop is an insanely addictive game featuring realistically accurate physics, ingeniously designed levels, delightful and lifelike graphics, and cleverly designed rating system, all of which make it one of the most fun games.

Three hidden scenes for bonus points

The game features 4 scenes. The first scene will introduce the 10 basic levels to you. To play the next level, you should get the total score of your previous scene to be over 8000 bonus points, so it should keep you motivated to keep playing. Chop chop! You do not want to let those poor creatures wait too long!