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A spider-man-like swinging game, challenges players to swing through buildings with the use of strings and momentum. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


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Fun with multiple characters

Wondering in the city like Spiderman is your dream? Now it is no problem for any player in this game! Live that fantasy by taking advantage of the rope and swinging from one building to anothe, there are multiple chatacters and different ropes for you with more coins collected and upgrade props. Well, the difficulty and better distance increases as you go.

Realistic physics with changing scenes

iSwinging is a challenging yet addictive game featuring realistic physics design, the scene ever changing daytime, from day to night, and with outstanding graphics, all goes to a quite fun and addictive game.

Different props, different challenging

There are many different props available with farther distance challenging. When you swinging from one building to another, you could collect coins alone the way to purchase and upgrade props to achieve better distance, and be aware the satellites and flying saucers because you can get great help from them. Are you up for the challenge?