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Dragon Runaway


A adventurous yet challenging game that happens in Jurassic Park era, help the little Dragon escape from meteor hitting. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


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Jurassic Park era, quick run for survival

Dragon Runaway is challenging game that happens in Jurassic Park era. A meteor from the outer space is on its track of hitting the earth, and now the little dragon who used to live his carefree life now has to run for survival.

Six different backgrounds

Dragon Runaway is featured in six different backgrounds, endless deserts, dangerous jungles, tropical islands, and bleak snow mountains. He could with a bit of help from the hills along the journey, this little tough Dragon uses his teeny tiny wings to fly away from this imminent danger believing the hope of finding a new home. Is he gonna make it? It is totally up to you!

16 achievements waiting to be accomplished

There are free treats to collect all the way, which could help the little Dragon to achieve different and upgradable props. Totally 16 achievements waiting to be accomplished, you could join the Game Center and compete with your friends easily. Ready go, be a top one on the Game Center now!